DLA Contact Number

0843 515 9493  

You can call our connection service to get connected to the DLA Contact Number. Every call to this number cost 7p/minute in addition to your network operator’s access fee. For enquiries on Disability Living Allowance and more, call the DLA Number today on 0843 515 9493.

The Disability Living Allowance benefit is provided to assist individuals that incur additional costs as a result of their disability. Anybody is eligible to apply no matter the employment status. However, if you’re under 65 years of age and wish to enquire, then you would want to call the DLA Number today for assistance. There are different types of rates available and this depends on how much help you’ll be needing for everyday activity. Just call the DLA Contact Number for more information.

You should note however, that the DLA customer service does not accept application by telephone. Every application have to be made online or through post. If you need Application form, then you should call the DLA Number for assistance. All completed forms should be sent back to the address made available on the form. Your eligibility will be determined based on a number of factors such as your level of medical care, how mobile you are, amount of supervision you need, etc.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

If at any time the customer care team is not available, the Government Benefit website can offer answers to most of your questions.

0843 515 9493