E On Gas And Electric Contact Number

0843 515 8121

Call the E.ON Contact Number through our connection service. All calls from a BT landline cost 5p/minute. However, it could be more when calling from mobiles and other networks. For Customer Services including help with Meters and Readings, billings, etc., contact E.ON now on 0843 515 8121.

E ON are one of the most broadly known brands in Europe in regards to supplying energy. Previously known as ‘Powergen’ in the United Kingdom, E.ON now supply gas and electricity to over 5 million private and commercial consumers. In the event you’d like to join the already existing customers in saving money on energy bills, or if you’re a current customer in need of some help, telephone the E.ON phone number to be linked to an agent.

When you call the E.ON Contact Number, you’ll be automatically presented with 5 options. Press:

  1. To let E.ON know you’re going home.
  2. In the event you are a customer using a prepaid meter.
  3. In the event you’d like to pay your E ON charges.
  4. To discuss your regular payment.
  5. To provide E.ON Customer Service with a meter reading.

Pressing the appropriate button on your keypad will make sure your call is routed to the appropriate customer care representative.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm. Saturday, 8am to 6pm. If you call the E.ON Number outside of these hours, you’ll be told the numbers to call in case of an emergency.

0843 515 8121