Halifax Bank Customer Services Helpline Contact Telephone Number

0843 515 8124

Calls cost 7p/minute plus the access fee of your phone company. Please consult with your network for details of charges and get the bill payer’s permission before calling. The Halifax Contact Number is accessible for all special and general enquiries including telephone banking, loans, mortgages and criticisms.


You have a lot of options when it comes to picking out a bank. You must have the ability to place your trust into whichever organization you choose to pay your salary into. There are lots of variables to consider before deciding on a bank: Will my money be safe? Are there any additional advantages to banking with this particular organization? Will I have a team of exceptional customer care representatives as well as access to my cash at all times? Calling up the Halifax Contact Number will provide you with the data you need in order to answer all these questions and more.

As truly one of the most famous banks in the United Kingdom, Halifax PLC actually are focused on their customers’ needs and this is represented in both their site and when calling the Halifax Telephone Number. The Halifax website is www.halifax.co.uk and this is where you will find an abundance of helpful resources and accessibility to Halifax Online, the user friendly online banking section.

You’ll be shown these options when you call the Halifax Customer Service Number. Dial 0843 515 8124. After connecting, make a choice with the keypad of your phone:

  1. Halifax Telephone Banking and Bank Accounts
  2. Savings and Investments, including ISAs
  3. Mortgages
  4. Credit Card Services and enquiries
  5. Insurance and Life Assurance policies
  6. Personal Loans

Once you choose any of these options, you will be routed to the right section. If, however you have more than one enquiry, afterwards ask for your call to be transferred and then just make another choice.

Making a Complaint

Halifax take complaints very seriously, which explains why you will find an entire team of customer service advisers dedicated exclusively to solving any compliant. If you’d like to make a criticism then you need to first call the Halifax Contact Number to be routed to the right section. If after connecting, the problem is not resolved by the adviser, then you need to request to talk to a supervisor. And if you compliant is about a Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) coverage that you feel has been miss-sold, then you can call 0843 515 8124 for guidance about how to carry on with your claim.

Locating your local branch and Opening Times

It is suggested you make use of the branch finder in regards to finding the opening hours of your branch. This useful tool may also allow you to find your closest ATM, so you’re never too far away from accessing your cash. Given the customer-driven relationship of Halifax, their doors are open on Sundays, as they recognize that their customers spend the majority of the week working hard to support their families. For quick access to this information by telephone, you can call up the Halifax Customer Service on 0843 515 8124.

Write to Halifax Head Office

If for any reason, you want to write to Halifax Customer Services, use the following address:

Halifax PLC

PO Box 548,




You need to include a phone number so as to get a quick feedback.

Halifax Contact Number – Opening Hours

24hrs/day, 7 days/week

Online banking is always available at all times, however other sections might have different working hours.

Please do let us know if you’re experiencing any difficulties getting in touch with us. We plan on keeping the information on this website as up to date as possible.

0843 515 8124